If you’ve been around a ball field in Alberta over the past 50 years, then you probably know who Buzz is. If you got the chance to meet him, you know how much he loved the game of softball, and more importantly, you know how much time he devoted to helping grow the sport.
There have been many great coaches over the years, and great individuals in the softball community that stand out above the others, and Buzz is definitely in that category. Buzz was a player, a coach, a manager, a volunteer, a mentor, and most off all, a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend to so many. He was a man that would go out of his way to help others. A man that would put everyone else before himself. A man that gave countless hours to the game of softball, to his community, and to all the players that ever played for him. And he loved every minute of it.
The one season that will always stand out while coaching the boys, was 1999. That year, Buzz took his Edmonton Royals to Provincials, where they would win gold with a 3 game sweep of Calgary. That team, which only had 10 players, went on to the first ever Junior B Men’s Western Canadian Championships, which were held in Unity, SK. The team had an up and down season to that point, but over the 4-day tournament, they put together a run that would be hard to match by anyone. After winning game one, the team lost a close one in game two. But from that moment on, the team was unstoppable. They rattled of six consecutive wins, including back to back wins over Southey, SK. to take home the gold. This was the ultimate win for Buzz, that culminated so many years of hard work.
To top that season off, Buzz was voted the 1999 “Coach of The Year” by Softball Alberta.
Buzz was also heavily involved with the Wellington Park Community.
  1. He was on the board of directors for Wellington for over 30 years, of which he was Vice-President for 20 plus years.
  2. Served as the Softball, Hockey, and Sports Director
  3. Held numerous other positions within the community.
If there was a community event being held, Buzz would be at the front of the pack, taking charge and making sure that everything ran smoothly. If you needed to know how much alcohol to purchase for a wedding, a variety Show, or pretty much any event, he could tell you down to the ounce. If you needed to know how much food to order, again, he was the man to ask. If you needed someone to work a bingo, he would be there, no questions asked.
Buzz was also part of the North West Zone and the Edmonton Youth Softball Association. He was the Commissioner for the NWZ from 1996, right up until his passing. He was also the Commissioner for the EYSA from 2003, again, up until his passing. Buzz also made a huge contribution to the EYSA Rules Handbook. Just this past December, the EYSA named a trophy in Buzz’s honor, The Buzz Berezanski Coach of the Year Award.
As well, Buzz sat on the board for the Capital City Men’s Fastball League for over 15 years.
Thank you Buzz Berezanski for all you did for the Wellington Park Community League and to the sport.