What's New In The Community

Skating Rink Rules
  1. Members of the Community league will skate free of charge – identification buttons must be worn
  2. Identification buttons must NOT be loaned to other persons
  3. Non-members may skate but must pay $2.00
  4. NO smoking in the lounge
  5. NO hockey sticks in the lounge or on skating rink
  6. Loitering in the lounge is NOT permitted
  7. Helmets are to be worn on both rinks
  8. Fighting/pushing or spitting in lounge is NOT permitted
  9. Swearing is NOT permitted
  10. Throwing snow or other objects on ice or lounge is NOT permitted
  11. NO shooting pucks at doors or buildings


Please see below what volunteers are needed!

Soccer Director: Wellington Park Community League is seeking a new soccer director, duties will include managing the outdoor soccer program and implementing an indoor program for the 2021 soccer season. Please e-mail for more information.

Communication Director: We are seeking a newly created position for a communications director. Duties will include and not limited to website updates, facebook updates, monthly newsletters- connecting with the community via advertising and distribution of posters for events and signs. If anyone is looking to take on this project please contact the president at

Social Director: We are also seeking a social director to lead the social committee, planning special community events, Christmas parties and anything social! If you like to plan, organize and delegate this is the job for you! Please contact the president at for more information.