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Are you interested in softball, soccer or joining cubs/scouts? We have plenty of sports programs to chose from.

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Wellington Park Community League

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Wellington Park Community League

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Wellington Park Community League

About Us

The community is prepresented by the Wellington Park Community League established in 1958 and maintains a community Hall and outdoor skating rinks located at 132 Street & 134 Avenue.

Wellington Park Community league works to improve the neighbourhood spirit and quality of live for all living in the community.  We are focused on bringing children together for play, sport and recreation. 

There are three schools in the neighbourhood. McArthur Elementary School is operated by the Edmonton Public School System while St. Angela Catholic Elementary School and Sir John Thompson Catholic Junior High School are operated by the Edmonton Catholic School System.

There are many mature beautiful parks in the neighbourhood.

Upcoming Events

We have lots of exciting events in the Wellington Park Community. We hope to see you at one of up-coming events!

Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary!

Join us on Saturday, September 14 from 1-11pm at the Wellington Park Community Hall for an all day celebration! We will have free activities and games from 1-5pm and a BBQ Dinner/Family dance from 5-11pm that is FREE with your membership!

Lifetime Membership Award

Darlene Skoreiko

The community gives out a Lifetime Membership Award to those community members that hold a membership for 30 years and who volunteers in the community.  This year’s recipient is known by many in the Community, congratulations go out to Darlene Skoreiko as the recipient of our Lifetime Member Award. Not only has she been a member of the community but a dedicated volunteer, she started off as the Bingo Director for many years and as many of you know this is a position that requires many hours of patience looking for volunteers! Once she stepped down as Bingo Director, Darlene would become a Bingo Angel and always be willing to help when asked to volunteer a bingo because there was a shortage of Bingo Workers. She was involved in the Sports Programs in the community specifically softball. The first year Victor and Darlene coached their children’s teams they won the title of “City Champions’ and continued on to win several championships along the way. If Darlene wasn’t busy enough, she took on the annual Garage Sale and Christmas Craft Fair. Darlene was President of the League for 3 years and currently holds the Past President position on the Board for the Community League. We can’t thank you enough Darlene for what you do for the community.


We have some amazing sports and are always looking for new team members. Are you interested in softball, soccer or scouts?


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